I need to apologize to you.  I got so caught up in getting the blog off the ground and thinking about the direction I wanted my blog to take, I realized I never wrote an post introducing you to Hobbies and Cents.  I got so caught up with trying figure out my voice, my niche, and my brand, it totally slipped my mind.  To be honest, I’m still trying to figure it out. This week I decided to write out all the things I loved doing alone, with my husband, and with my friends.  I realized I loved so many things from reading, to traveling,  skating (something I hope to do more of this year), watching movies, and even budgeting.  I was fascinated at the number of things that I enjoyed doing.

After I did this I decided to ask my husband who told me he didn’t know, so I made him do the same exercise and was amazed at how many he actually had on the list but doesn’t partake in. So I had to develop a plan to get both of us to a place where would take care of our responsibilities but also enjoy some simple pleasures in life. I also thought it would be fascinating to learn how other people like to spend their time and money on.

There are low commitment hobbies, expensive hobbies, cheap hobbies, free hobbies, time consuming hobbies, etc.  I nearly flipped out of my chair when I researched how much cyclists will spend on a bike!!! Upwards of $5000 or more!!  But I guess you spend money on what you like.  On the flip side, there those who have no clue what they like to do.  While watching television can be a hobby, I’m of the mindset that we all need something that will stimulate our minds and T.V ain’t it.  So, starting every Monday in February, I plan to focus on hobbies and the importance of having one.  Until then, take some time to ask yourself these questions and leave comments your comments below.

What are your hobbies?

Why do you love them?

How do you make time to enjoy them?

How do you fund them?

Do you need help finding a hobby?

Is there a hobby you’d like me to write about?


Stay tuned !!!!