Helping Female Coaches

Helping Course Creators and Membership Site Owners retain customers.

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hey girls, hey!

I'm Rho'Nesha, a Customer Service Experience Specialist to course creators and membership site owners.

My mission is to help you create processes so delicious that you’ll have students and memberships that never want to leave. 

I’ll help you navigate the customer service experience in ways you would have never imagined.  My ultimate goal is to help you manage your time allowing you to serve more students, retain more memberships, and increase your profits.    


How we can work together

Client Management

Great for coaches who want to give their clients the best gift by allowing me to handle the things that keep them from their zone of genius. Don’t let the back-end stuff keep you from doing what you were born to do.

Superior Customer Support

Great for course creators and membership site owners who  do all the things! I’ll handle the never ending tasks of managing students, members, and more. 

Email Management

Is money slipping through the cracks because you lack time to answer simple questions? Are you struggling to keep your inbox manageable?Click below to learn how I will keep you and your inbox in tip top shape.

Working with Rho’Nesha has been exceptionally positive. Her attention to detail, adherence to procedure, and follow-through on deadlines have proven most beneficial to me. In addition, she has always been a great resource when needs for organization, time, and money management arise. The ability to provide practical solutions which appear insurmountable is a strength that she possesses. Rho’Nesha’s knowledge, experience, and strong sense of dedication, consistency, and diligence will ultimately prove to be a value to add to any small or online business. -Elicia Smith
Elicia Smith

When you’re running a business and balancing your personal life, time is always tight. Are you ready to grow your business with less time?

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