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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and if you’re like me, you want to love your honey but stay on a budget.  For me, it’s even more important to remain on a budget because both of our birthdays are in February and our anniversary is next month! I know many people tend to go all out for V-day and that’s ok but I just don’t have that kind of budget, and if I did, I’d rather spend on our anniversary.  Because a lot of us are still on our debt free journey, I find it important to find ways to enjoy our life without breaking the bank.  There are tons of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that doesn’t involve spending a boatload of money, some even free.  Here are 10 of my favorite cheap and romantic ways to celebrate the day of love.


Game night just got interesting.  If you want to spice things up with your hubby or wife, try a sexy board game.   You can also check out the Dating Divas.  I. Love. This. Site.  These ladies know how to have a date night. They’ve taught me the importance of intentionally dating my husband. When I don’ have any money or want a fun night in, this is one of the first sites I hit up. Do something that leads up to Valentine’s Day.  Set the scene with a  romantic backdrop in your bedroom or living room.  You’ll laugh, cuddle, and do whatever else you want and make memories all at the same time.


If you are lucky enough to live in a state with great year-round weather like Florida, consider having a backyard picnic. Make your dinner or pick up dinner at a budget-friendly restaurant.  You can even order one or two appetizers and fix a quick salad. Pick up a cheap box of brownies, cookies, etc. and you’ve got a recipe for a great date.  Lay out a blanket and cuddle under the starts for less than $2


Ok, I like the cold weather but not enough to live up north but I have always wanted to have a fire pit.  That won’t really work in Tampa because we’d barely use it. However, if you live in a state that offers weather where you can cuddle up around a fire pit, then this date is for you.  Make some hot cocoa, grab some marshmallows, hot dogs, and whatever else you want to put over the fire and get cozy.  Talk about your dreams, express your appreciation for one another and kiss the night away next to the fire and under the stars.


If you don’t want to do anything outside, cook a fancy dinner at home.  You can find tons of recipes online.  Consider a 3 or 4 course meal with cheese and cracker, salad, entrée, and of course dessert. Create an ambiance of romance by dimming the lights, setting candles out, turning on some music and have a budget-friendly and romantic night in.  Be sure to dress up a little to take the date to another level.


Groupon is the first place I check before we do anything.  More often than not, I can find something cheap for us to do.  I’ve gotten museum tickets for $8 (for two), bowling for $12 (for up to 5 people) and even took a trip to St. Augustine for less than $400 for the weekend by checking out Groupon first.  It’s just something about finding a good deal that gets me revved up. I found the restaurant my husband I will  celebrate our anniversary in March on Groupon  It was $32 for $70 worth of food which will be enough to enjoy an appetizer, two entrée’s and dessert. How sweet is that?  From museums, bowling, tours, and dinner cruises, Groupon has everything.


My husband and I have very different tastes when it comes to Netflix and Hulu but we always find a compromise when we are trying to spend quality time.  Binge watching a couple of shows on Valentine’s Day and ordering pizza is a great and cheap way to celebrate.  Search for a coupon code and have a relaxing night on the couch.  I know plenty of people who thinks nothing is more romantic than lounging and watching a good movie or show together.   Amazon Video also has great options for you to check out.


You’d be surprised at all the things you can get for $10.  If you plan smart, you can get some great things. Head to Target and visit their Bullseye section or to the Dollar Tree.  Make it more of a challenge by deciding on theme and vote on who gets the best items. You’ll laugh so hard you won’t be able to stand it.  The goal is to have fun, be silly, and creative.


There’s no doubt about it.  I’m a foodie. I love trying new restaurants and I was blessed with a man who will try anything once.  My dream date is to go on a real foodie tour, but until I get enough money to do so, I’ll just have to be creative.  This one may be a little pricier but if planned right it can be done.  Each person will choose two restaurants.  One person will be in charge of appetizers and salads, and the other person will be in charge of entrées and dessert.  For my birthday my husband and I went to the best Cajun restaurant in Tampa, but it can get pricey.  So I went on the hunt and found a $15 coupon for $30 worth of food that usually is upwards of $50.  I ended up paying a little over $6 including tip at this same restaurant after the the coupon.  It doesn’t matter how you do it, find creative ways to make this happen.  Check out restaurants on Groupon, Living Social, Creative Loafing, and any other discount site you can find.


Now I can’t mention a cheap date night without mentioning the beach.  I mean I live in Tampa Bay.  I live near Siesta Key which has been ranked one of the best beaches in the country.  And don’t forget Clearwater Beach.  Plus it was 74 degrees today.  If you are fortunate enough to live a weather friendly state in February, head to the beach.  There are so many things you can do. Play volleyball, build sandcastles, fly kites, have a picnic, go biking, have midnight stroll, watch the sunset, grab an ice cream, eat at Frenchy’s (best-fried grouper sandwiches ever) and more.


You don’t have to miss out on a good spa experience just because you don’t want to pay a hefty spa bill.  How many of you have olive oil, sugar, lotion, a towel, and a bathtub? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can have a spa night.  If you don’t have candles at home, head to the dollar tree and pick up some tea lights, rose petals, bath salts or bubble baths, chocolate and create a romantic playlist.  Throw some rose petals in the bath, light candles around the bathtub, and turn on your playlist.  After your bath, have the lotion or your massage oils read and take turns giving each other massages.


Create a dance floor in your living room by setting up tons of candles to frame the dance floor.  Have a small table set up with candy, cards, candles, and anything else you think you’d need.  This would be a great time to use that unopened fondue set you’ve received as a wedding gift.  You can even string Christmas lights and balloons to frame the living room to set the scene.  You can incorporate this with dinner in also.  Turn on some music and slow dance to your heart’s desire.

There are tons of things you can do to love on your honey without having to break the bank.  These are just of my favorites.  Happy loving!


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