1. Clean the bathroom. This is probably the most important part of the house you need to clean. I hate dirty and smelly bathrooms.  Scrub down every inch of the bathroom, especially the toilet and sink.  Wipe the mirrors and sinks down, empty the trash, put out fresh soap, a hand towel, and lotion.  You can also light a candle or put a carrier oil on inside the toilet paper roll so that every time it is used the scent can be smelled.
  1. Wipe down the Counter tops. I hate sticky counter tops. Make sure they are clean enough to eat off of!
  1. Sweep the kitchen floor. Seep up crumbs, fallen food, lint, etc.
  1. Vacuum if needed.  Run the vacuum over all the floors even it tile. It will get up what the broom did not catch.
  1. Empty the kitchen sink. I don’t use a dishwasher to wash dishes but I do use it to hold clean dishes. Wash any last minute dishes and store them quickly in the dishwasher if you don’t have time to dry them and put them away.
  1. Dust and remove any clutter in the guest area. Remove unwanted papers, put away or better yet throw away those magazines you know you aren’t going to read. Put away electronics, clean side tables, and put away throws.
  1. Clean the couch. After cleaning the clutter, remember to straighten and fluff pillows. Use a lint brush to remove any leftover dust.
  1. Adjust the lighting. Turn off overhead lights and turn on lamps. Light some candles. This draws the eye away from any areas that weren’t deep-cleaned, and just makes everyone feel cozy.
  1. Create a place for coats and bags.  I don’t have coat closet so I have a space in my husband’s man cave where guests can leave their purses and coats.
  1. Put out some appetizers. If dinner won’t be served for a while, make sure you have some appetizers for your guests to nibble on.
  1. Put on some music.  Now that you’ve done the hard stuff, put on some music that will set the tone for the evening


What do you do to get your house ready for Christmas? Leave your comments below.


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