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I love cold weather, and by cold, I mean l love 50 degrees low and 60-degree high weather.  A little chill in the air allows this Florida to  slip on some boots and a sweater.  Now, this past week has been crazy down here in the Sunshine State. We’ve had lows in the 30’s and it snowed in  Tallahassee!!!! Now that is just ridiculous.  Now I did want some cold weather on Christmas but in true Florida form, it was a whopping 80 degrees! So when this cold front, I mean arctic blast came through no one wanted to leave the house.

Luckily for us Floridians, the cold weather will soon subside.  If I lived up north, I wouldn’t want to leave the house for the entire winter season.  Maybe for groceries but because of all the delivery services available, there would be no need to do that (and I hate grocery shopping)!  I mean who wants to live in a place that has zero degree weather?  When the weather is less than desirable, it’s easy for people to curl up with a blanket and binge watch their favorite shows all day.  Now while I love a good show or movie, I don’t want to forget to cultivate some of the other hobbies I love.  So if you want to keep me busy in the comfort of your own home, check out the list I’ve compiled that will keep you active and remain warm all winter long.

  1. Learn a new language. My husband’s first language is Creole so I’m trying to learn a few words each week to show him that his heritage means a lot to me.  Learning a new language will not only allow you to learn to stimulate your mind but it can also help you land a new job.  I mean what better way to spend your time than learning to become multi-lingual and landing your dream job?  Duolingo, HelloTalk, Memrise,  are all great options that will get you on the right foot.
  2. Learn calligraphy.   I don’t have the best handwriting but one of my goals in 2018 is to learn calligraphy.  I would like to learn to address my own Christmas cards, baby announcements, and anything else that may require it.  Plus I heard it was so relaxing.  There are tons of tools and videos online.  I also saw a great starter kit at Barnes and Noble that I’ve been contemplating purchasing.  Here are some other options to get you started….
  3. Turn up the heat in the kitchen. I love, love, love trying to recipes and what better time to warm than learning how to cook? I’m married to a man who will try anything once (score) so I get to experiment a lot.  If you don’t want to brave the cold weather, try shopping your pantry.  If you don’t know what to cook, supercook is a great site.  Simply enter your ingredients to find recipes to try.  If you really want to keep warm, try your hand at making homemade soup.  You can also search YouTube for some great cooking courses.
  4. Visit a museum or library. Now there are those who will brave the cold just enough to get to a warm place, this is a great option for you.  I know I said I wouldn’t leave the house but if there was an exhibit or book I really wanted, I’d make my way out for a little while, just as long as my end destination is inside a building.  Many museums offer free admission on select weekends.   My library offers free access passes that you can check out seven days at a time with free admission to area   Bank of America also offers a Museum on Us where cardholders gain free access to select museums on certain weekends every month.
  5. Plan your next vacation. There is no better time to plan your vacation, especially your summer vacation, than in the winter time. Check out a deal on all-inclusive resorts, cruises, and more.  If your budget won’t allow you to get away check out ideas on staycations in your city.
  6. Make Candy.  I. Love. Candy.  This is definitely a must try for me.  There are tons of easy recipes online you can try.  Valentine’s Day is approaching so surprise your sweetie with some homemade treats.
  7. Start Scrapbooking. This is a great way to memorialize birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, your babies life, and more.  There are tons of themes and supplies to get you started.
  8. Declutter/Organize your home. I hate clutter.  I don’t even have a junk drawer. Go through your closet, rooms, drawers, and pantry to get rid of unwanted items.  If you haven’t worn it or used it in a year, get rid of it.  If the task seems too overwhelming, then start small.  Start with one area of your room or closet.  I try and declutter once every three  months.  When I tackle my beast of a closet, I do it in phases.  I organize the top of my closet one day then I move on to blazers, skirts, etc.  It helps me maintain some sanity and make smart decisions.  By decluttering your home during the winter, you’ll be able to enjoy spring once the weather breaks instead of spring cleaning.
  9. Have an indoor spa day. I love taking care of myself, but don’t feel like I should spend hundreds of dollars to do so.  There are tons of recipes online for sugar scrubs and facial masks full of ingredients you probably have in your pantry.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a mani/pedi, facial scrub or hot bath.  Relax with a cup of tea and your favorite magazine to squeeze in some time for yourself.  There are tons of tips and tricks you can use to budget time and money for self-care.
  10. Catch up on some reading. Now, this wouldn’t be a hobby post if I didn’t mention one of my favorite hobbies ever!  It’s time to pull out those books you have collecting dust on the shelf and curl up on the couch.  Let your imagination run wild by losing yourself in stories filled with adventure, fall in love with characters who are on a journey to fall in love themselves, or read a book that will help you sharpen the leadership skills you need to land that promotion you’ve been wanting.
  11. Start Coloring. Tap into your inner child by using this time to color.  Coloring relaxes you, helps pas the time, and is just plain fun.  There are tons of options online but you can check out some of my favorites hereand here.
  12. Have a movie/TV day.  I wouldn’t spend all winter watching television but a good movie or binge day ain’t ever hurt anybody.  Munch on your favorite snacks while lounging on the couch and catching up on your recorded shows or find some good flicks on Netflix or Hulu.
  13. Take an online class or listen to lectures. This is a great time for you to take the time to learn something new.  There are tons of online courses and tutorials you cant take Ted Talks and Open Culture are great places to start learning something new.
  14. Start exercising.  There are tons and tons of free workouts online.  You don’t have to go to the gym to get a good workout it.  I know I keep mentioning YouTube but it really is a great place for free videos.   Some of my favorite channels are Pop Sugar Fitness and Fitness Blender.  Add your new hobby of cooking and you’ve got a recipe to get a healthy body just in time for that summer vacation you’ve been planning.
  15. Host a game night. I love playing games with my friends.  Games nights are full of fun, food, laughter, and trash talking.  Best of all it’s free. Have everyone bring a dish and you’ve got a great evening ahead of you. My favorite game right now is Apples to Apples.  We never get tired of playing this game.

I hate being cold for too long so these past two weeks have taught me that I have to be creative with my time if I want to still enjoy some of my favorite hobbies.  Thankfully these hobbies will keep you engaged, balanced, sane, and warm until the ice beings to melt or in my case, the sun begins to shine.  Remember to have an open mind while you are on the hunt for your next hobby.

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