There’s no denying that dates nights can be expensive. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. A little creativity mixed with some frugality will enable you to have some memorable dates on a shoestring budget. Here are 20 cheap dates that won’t break the bank.

  1. Go for Ice Cream or Yogurt

Grab a cone or cup and ready yourselves for simple fun date night. Talk about your future and dreams.  This is relaxing and can be done for $10 or less.

  1. Game Night

Game nights are cheap, fun, and easy to put together. You can go the traditional route or you can be creative and create your own games.  Make it a date night with other couples or keep it between the two of you.  Add some cheap food to the mix and you’ve got yourself a fun yet budget friendly date night.

  1. Movie Night

Looking for a lazy but cozy date night?  Then a movie night is the perfect thing!  Netflix, Hulu, Redbox, and Amazon make it easy to choose.  Whip up a quick meal and have dinner.  Spend a couple of hours cuddled on the couch with your honey and watch a good movie.  Get creative and serve the snacks that are served at the movie theater such as popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, and candy (chocolate covered raisins are my fave).

  1. Fondue Night

This is can be enjoyed with a group or just with you and your honey.  Choose your favorite fruits, breads, cheese and of course chocolate.  Fondue pots can be picked up at your local store or thrift store.  This is a date night that can be thrown together very quickly but can also be the beginning of great and romantic date night.

  1. Cook Together

There is nothing more romantic or fun than making a meal with your spouse.  When my husband cooks (not often), he does not want me in the kitchen because he swears he has secrets.  But there are times when I want to be in there with him.  So I have to plan out the day we will cook together to make sure he’s ready.  To get started choose a recipe you both want to make.  Pinterest and YouTube are great places to start.  I also suggest going shopping together to begin the date night.    Don’t forget to clean the kitchen together to end the date night!

  1. House Hunting

This is one of my favorite dates.  Even though you may not be ready to purchase a home that doesn’t mean you can’t start dreaming.  Pick the area you desire to live in and head out to the nearest opening.  Walk through the house a fantasize about where you want furniture placed and what bedroom the kids will get.

  1. Farmers Market

Here in Tampa, we are blessed to have traveling Fresh Market that not only sells fresh fruits and vegetables, but you can also find gourmet foods, arts and crafts, and other fun things.   Best of all, it can be free. You don’t have to spend any dime, it can be used as a way to get some fresh air.

  1. Flea Market

I love, love, love the flea market!  You can find ANYTHING here!  Food, furniture, flooring, books, dishes perfume, and much more.  If you’re lucky, you can find antiques, rare books, and other pieces that can be sold for much more than you actually paid! Best of all, you can negotiate the prices.  It’s best to go early before the sun comes out because all the fun leaves when sweat beads start to form.

  1. Go for Hike

Hiking is not my thing but I know people who love it.  Grab some good walking shoes, plenty of water, get those feet moving! 

  1. Bike Riding

I’ve been asking for a bike for 3 years!  I’m hoping my husband comes through this Christmas.  Bike riding is a fun way to spend time together while working out or exploring your city.  If you don’t own a bike, find a shop to rent one.  Most cities including Tampa offer hourly and daily rates and provide different drop off points.

  1. Appetizer Date

Everyone knows that if you order an appetizer before dinner you will be taking leftovers home. Head over to Applebee’s, Fridays, or any other restaurant that sells cheap appetizers and pig out for $20 or less.

  1. Skating

Spend an afternoon at your local skating rink laughing and maybe falling learning to skate gain.  Not only will you get a little workout but you will also awaken your inner child by laughing and memories will be priceless.

  1. Art Exhibitions/Museums

If you really knew me, you know I am bonafide nerd.  I love to look at art.  I’m always looking for free art shows in my area.   I don’t go as much as I would like to but it is a fun way to spend your day.  Museums aren’t the only place you can view art.  St. Petersburg, FL has different art walks every month sponsored by art galleries that showcase up and coming artists. Check out college libraries that also showcase some great art from students who also want to showcase their work.

  1. Test Drive Your Dream Car

This is another fun way to to spend time together.  It is cheap and free as long as you stick to “we are not buying” when you finish driving.  Ladies, even if its not your thing, surprise him with this date night and will love it.

  1. Go on a Picnic

No matter the location a picnic can be romantic and fun  Pack a basket of leftovers and head to the nearest park with a blanket, ball, and frisbees  OR head to the living room and light some candles and cuddle up on the floor with fruits, leftovers,  desert, and some good conversation.

  1. Go on a Drive

Fill up the tank and go on a drive to anywhere.  Driving with no place to go can be adventurous.  You’d be surprised what you find when you don’t plan your day.  This drive can lead you to the beach, a park, a mall, or even a different city.  Don’t over think it because it will ruin the mood and the purpose.  This date will create memories that will last a lifetime.

  1. Go to the Beach

Drive out to the nearest beach and let the soothing sounds of the waves relax you.  If you’re feeling like a kid, build some sandcastles and enjoy the some sun in the fun or a romantic moonlit walk on the beach.

  1. Explore Your City

Take the time to explore your city. This can be as simple as visiting a part of town you’ve never been to before or spent time in before.  Keep it plain and simple to keep it cheap.


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