I love spoiling my man. Whether it’s his birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or just because, there’s always a reason to spoil my husband.  We have an allotted amount in our budget that goes towards marriage enrichment but I always want to make sure I do a little extra without breaking the bank.  In order to do so, I had to come up with some practical and expensive ways to spoil him. Check them out now!!

  1. Cook his favorite meal
  2. Make his favorite drink (he loves Arnold Palmers)
  3. Rub his fee
  4. Give him a day to himself
  5. Cook a romantic dinner (build this into your grocery budge)
  6. Serve him breakfast in bed
  7. Watch his favorite sport with him
  8. Create a sexy scavenger hunt
  9. Create an at home spa
  10. Commit to a no nagging day
  11. Let him sleep in
  12. Leave notes everywhere in the house
  13. Leave note notes in the car
  14. Celebrate him for a week
  15. Sing him a love song
  16. Make him a personalized dessert (my husband loves doughnuts)
  17. Take him on a picnic and play a sport
  18. Throw him a party to show him you appreciate him
  19. Serve him for day
  20. Watch his favorite move
  21. Hold his hand
  22. Give him a back rub
  23. Ask him what he wants do
  24. Ask him how you can make his day better and do it
  25. Speak words of affirmation (check out my post on 100 words of affirmation here)
  26. Mail him a love letter
  27. Print the random pictures in your phone and make him a photo album of love
  28. Ask him what his dreams are
  29. Do an act of service (my husband’s love language)
  30. Learn his love language
  31. Dance for him
  32. Surprise him with lunch at his job
  33. Wash and detail his car
  34. Invite his friends over and let him have guys night in make “men” food
  35. Seduce him
  36. Be positive (if he’s had a hard day and wants to vent, don’t give him advice just listen and answer if asks)
  37. Put up a banner in the house that tells him how you feel
  38. Make him gift from the heart
  39. Find cheap tickets to a sporting event (if you budget for it)
  40. Do his chores
  41. Cuddle with him
  42. Take a shower with him
  43. Buy his favorite snacks
  44. Ask him what he wants to do for date night
  45. Make date night all about him
  46. Learn one of his hobbies (I’m still trying to beat him at racquetball)
  47. Keep the house clean
  48. Record video for him telling him how you feel about him
  49. Send sexy and flirty text messages
  50. Be attentive to his needs

What are some practical ways you do you like to spoil your spouse?  Leave a comment below.


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