I love my husband but time with the girlfriends is super important. Time with them lets me unwind without worrying about cooking, cleaning, laundry, and watching a sport that I know nothing about. BUT because I love spending time with them doesn’t mean I always have the financial means to do so.  Having a girlfriend weekend doesn’t have to be expensive but it may take a little bit of planning.  All it takes is phone call, a quick list, and laughter and you’ve got the perfect night.  You can hang out, go for a bike ride, and more if you take a few minutes to shoot an email or text to your be BESTIES to see what everyone is in to.


If you are anything like me, I suggest taking turns hosting the girl’s night to make sure your friends are surprised.  If pot luck is included, tell them to bring the dish and you take care of the rest.  For those of you who hate planning, I’ve come up with a list of 70 activities that are free or almost free!!!!

70 No Spend (or Low Cost) Activities For You and the Girls

  1. Socialize and catch up
  2. Have a game night
  3. Hike the local trails
  4. Have a picnic in the park
  5. Play a group sport
  6. Have a spa night
  7. Host a brunch
  8. Go bike riding
  9. Visit a farmers market
  10. Be a tourist
  11. Host a potluck
  12. Wander a local garden or park
  13. Have coffee and talk
  14. Go for a walk
  15. Movies and popcorn
  16. A fondue party
  17. Visit free art walks
  18. Go to a free festival
  19. Plan a themed dinner
  20. Go camping, yes camping
  21. Plan a tea party
  22. Have field day of soccer, kickball, dodge ball
  23. Plan a team building activity
  24. Play tennis, volley ball, or other activities you enjoy
  25. Go window shopping
  26. Have an appetizer party
  27. Crafting
  28. Tour a local museum
  29. Plan a dessert party
  30. Have goal setting party
  31. Scrapbook together
  32. Create vision boards together
  33. Checkout a local attraction
  34. Have a pain night with a video from YouTube.
  35. Attend a free open mic night
  36. Go to church
  37. Watch your favorite shows together
  38. Attend a book reading
  39. Have a cooking party
  40. Learn something new as a group
  41. Take photography
  42. Attend a community festival
  43. Read, relax, relax
  44. Go skating
  45. Go for a bike ride
  46. Learn self defense
  47. Sit on the beach or swim in the lake
  48. Star gaze
  49. Sit on the porch and talk
  50. Be lazy and relax
  51. Plan your girls weekend getaway
  52. Have at home karaoke
  53. Visit other friends
  54. Workout, exercise together
  55. Have a DIY party
  56. Go hiking
  57. Volunteer as a group
  58. Have a pool party
  59. Organize a scavenger hunt
  60. Start a book club
  61. Go to movies in the park
  62. Do an online cooking class
  63. Go to the beach
  64. Have a yard sale
  65. Start a savings club
  66. Have a BBQ
  67. Find a free concert
  68. Start an investment group
  69. Have a clothes swap party
  70. Start a biggest loser contest

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70 No Spend or Low Cost Activities