hobbies, need a hobbie

Before entering adulthood, we were saturated with hobbies.  As children our parents signed us up for every hobby you can think of, dance, sports, piano, etc.  In middle and high school we begin picking our own hobbies but still partaking in some of the hobbies our parents chose for us.  We find our stride in college by becoming heavily involved in student unions, volunteer opportunities, and clubs just to name a few.  But after we enter the workforce, get married, and have kids, it seems our desires to pursue things we enjoy disappear and our hobbies become extinct. Most time we don’t even know it.

Have you ever told yourself you don’t have time for a hobby?  What we do in our spare time can not only effect our work life, but also our personal life.  Depending on your vocation, your work like can be very stressful and draining. I’m a life insurance claim analyst and dealing with death everyday can take a toll on me. When my mom passed away, I found it extremely difficult to look at medical records and death certificates daily.  My husband works in the juvenile justice system and I see what dealing with underprivileged children does to him from time to time.  Working in these types of environments can be very stressful to us individually as well as in our marriage so we make it a point de-stress by enjoying quality time together but we also make sure we take time to enjoy hobbies we enjoy alone.  By taking time enjoy things we both enjoy together and alone, we find we have a happier and more productive life but a stronger marriage.  Are you still telling yourself you don’t have time for a hobby? Well take a look at 5 reasons you need to get one today.

  • Reduce Negative Stress: Hobbies provide a health work-life balance which relieves long term stress.   For those who feel overwhelmed with work and home responsibilities, doing something you enjoy will help you recharge your mental batteries.  Doing something physical will also balance the hormones that reduce stress.    


  • Personal Development: Having a hobby to enjoy will not only reduce negative stress, it also helps you develop personally. Reading, writing, cooking, etc will all help you develop. By reading things that are written well, you will begin write better.  By reading things outside your normal genre choice, you will be able to mingle with people who are from various vocational backgrounds.


  • Creativity: Not all hobbies require creativity which is good for me because I am not crafty at all.  When my friends and I plan a baby or bridal shower, I’m the one who gives money or helps with food.   However, I am learning that not all hobbies involve DIY projects or crafts. You can learn to be creative in the kitchen, writing, storytelling, etc.


  • Confidence: Hobbies can help build confidence. Hobbies like sports, exercise, book clubs helps you build the confidence you need to feel better about you. Being in a room full of strangers is very intimidating and nerve racking.  But I know the more I mingle, the more confident I will become when speaking with different people.


  • Socialize: As I mentioned above am naturally a shy person. But I’m learning that some of my hobbies such as blogging will require me to step outside my comfort zone. I’m attending a blogging conference in June and its nerve racking because I’m not used being in a room without knowing anyone.  But it will force me to meet new people and hopefully build strong relationships as my blog grow.  I never thought I would start a blog but realized quickly that I have to step from behind the computer and build relationships in order to build my brand.


hobbies, need a hobbie

Stay tuned next week for 5 Healthy Habits to Start Now.