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8 Hobbies that Should be Your Side Hustle


Working a standard 9 to 5 is becoming a thing of the past.  More and more millennials want to work to the beat of their own drum including me.  But what if I told you that you can make money from your hobbies and eventually leave your day job?  You can make money from blogging, event planning, writing, and more.

Even if you don’t want to leave your full time job, a side hustle is the perfect way to fund vacations, pay for that degree, or get out of debt. Read on if you want a list of hobbies that can turn into great side hustles if you put in a little effort.


I hate clutter.  I declutter my house at least once a week.  Having stuff everywhere drives me crazy. Enter if I didn’t have blog I’d probably try my hand at professional organizing.  Do you love cleaning and organizing at home?  Have your friends or family members ask you to organize closets, cabinets or shelving units?  I know I do.  If you have a natural ability to do this then professional organizing can be your thing.  Why not get paid to organize beautiful spaces.

You can use your creativity to organize kid’s rooms, home offices, kitchens, and more.  .   Sam over at Simply So Organized is my favorite organizing blog.  I get so much inspiration from her.  Her work is clean and consistent.  I learned some of my best bedroom organizing tips from her. Depending on your location and severity of the space, you can get paid upwards of $75 per hour.   If it’s something our really interested check out How to Start a Home Based Organizing Business by Dawn Noble.


Blogging is my new hobby and I follow tons of bloggers who make $4k plus per month blogging alone! One blogger makes over 6 figures blogging alone. And did I mention it was per month?!!!!! I started this blog because I wanted to share my passions with the world and I hope to turn into a business that will allow me to be a working stay at home mom. Not to say that it’s easy. Blogging is hard work and can be overwhelming in the beginning.  It takes hard work to establish your blog like a brand.   I’m just now learning how to work on my blog like a business and not just a hobby.     If you want to get started, Blue Host is the way to go. 


One of the best side hustles you can have is a photography business. Because we are living in the age of digital photos this is an excellent way to make extra money.  Photography is also great because you can choose a specific niche within this category.  Your focus can be weddings, family, editorial, arts, nature and more.  You can even focus on stock photography which is huge in the blogging world.  In fact, I use stock photography on my website and I love it! You can make $10 to $300 per image depending on the website and package you offer. Stock photography allows you to build your brand which is also huge in the blogging world.  To be a good photographer you will need to invest in a good camera and probably take a few classes.  Groupon is a great place to look for discounted classes.  Remember there are plenty of opportunities to turn your love of taking pictures into a lucrative career.


I hate driving but I know people who love to do it.  If you love driving then Uber would be perfect fit for you especially since they’ve started Uber Eats which I love since I can pretty much order from any restaurant I want!!  Sign up is fee.  If you’re looking for a way to make extra money to pay off debt, pay for vacation, or pad your savings, this is a great place to start.  Many drivers start off at $19 to $23 per hour.  This is a great way for high school or college students to make extra cash on the side.  All you need is a decent car to get started.


Teaching is a great way to earn money.  Not only is it rewarding you can teach in the comfort of your own home.  There are tons of online tutoring websites such as tutor.com and Udemy.  There is a massive demand for math tutors, language tutors, and English tutors.  Many start on a whim but end up making 6 figures from doing something they love.  You can create your own courses and post them on sites such as Udemy and Skillshare.  To get started check out How to Market and Sell Your Online Course in Udemy: Tips and Tricks on How to Make Money by Teaching a Course.


One of the most popular blog niche’s you will find is cooking.  If you love whipping up simple recipes or delicate masterpieces then this may be for you.  I love simple and difficult recipes.  A simple recipe allows me to whip up dinner in 30 minutes or less and difficult recipes test my patience and skills.  Now I don’t love it enough to start a side gig but I have several friends who should tap into this kitchen of opportunity.

Cooking is one of the rare side gigs that have a niche within a niche.  Your specialty can be in baking, 30 minute meals, healthy meals, soul food, Italian, and so on.   There’s even a niche for smoothies!!!! To get started, use your friend’s baby showers, birthday parties, and potlucks as a way to showcase your work. Then start offering your services to local business to drum up business.


I’m not an arts and crafts person but every friend that I have is talented in this area.   In fact I’ve had several friends start their own side hustle doing this.  My sister over at My Design Rules just stared a site a few weeks ago and is offering a tutorial on how to design free stationary.  There are host sites that offer platforms for your products.  Etsy, Zazzle, Ebay, and Amazon are just a few that will help you get started.  You can always start your own WordPress site and sell your own product.  Not every platform will work for your product so make sure you do your research.  You can also sell by word of mouth, flea market, and by hosting parties.  Start by researching your market before you go out and spend tons of money on supplies to create a product customer’s won’t buy.


Who doesn’t like shopping, especially when you can make money from it?!  If you enjoy the thrill of a good deal, you make great money buying items at basement prices and reselling them for profit.  Jessica over at The Selling Family makes over six figures per year by reselling items on Amazon.  If you love the thrill of a good deal, hunt for gently used items at garage sales, thrift stores, and other consignment shops and resell them on sites like Offer Up, Ebay, and more.  Check out this article on how this shopper left her corporate job to sell full time on Poshmark.

Reselling doesn’t mean you can run to the store a resell and item for profit. You have to be strategic with your plan.  Head over here to check out the best items to resell for profit.


hobbies, side hustles, money