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I started seriously budgeting in 2013.  Once I realized I made great money but was always broke I knew something had to change.  Once I started seeing the numbers grow in my account, I knew I was on to something.  Saving was becoming a game.  I’m a spender at heart but I became addicted to saving and finding the best bargain possible when spending.   It was fun finding the best deals on food, clothes, travel, and more.

I love budgeting now because it allows me the freedom to spend on my terms. It tells me that I’m the boss and oh how I love being bossy. Simply put, budgeting works if you want it to.

  • We paid cash for our dream wedding.
  • We paid off 2 credit cards in 6 months.
  • I love to travel so I get to drag my husband on vacation at least once a year and one or two mini getaways as well. In fact, I’m planning a getaway next weekend because we have been so good with saving and spending.

Now before you think we are making over six figures, think again.  We are just very mindful of how of what and how we spend. Budgeting makes this ALL possible.


I like to think of budgets as a blueprint for success for your money. Without it, my husband and I would be in a house of sinking sand. I will say when we first got married, it was hard to adjust to another’s way of spending.  I’m a natural spender. He’s a natural saver so we had to find a balance.  I do love saving but I also like spending.  He couldn’t wrap his head around me wanting to go shopping when all our basic needs are met. Thankfully we have open communication to what we spend and why.  Not to say we don’t struggle from time to time, but we always come to a resolution because have the same goal in mind.  Sadly, many couples don’t and it becomes detrimental to their marriage. 

The main reason a lot of people don’t  budget is they feel its too restrictive.  “If I budget, I won’t be able to go out anymore.”   “If I budget then I can’t travel or buy that new outfit.”  I hear it all the time.  But that’s so far from the truth.  Budgeting does the exact opposite.  It allows you to plan for both responsibility and fun.

I understand that budgeting can feel restricted at times but before you write it off totally you have to ponder these important questions:

  • Are there any financial goals that you need or want or need to accomplish? A house? Dream vacation? Pay off student loans? A new car?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to stop living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to not have buyer’s remorse?
  • Do you need fun money in your budget?

You can’t do any of that without a budget. Period.  And if your budget, you can do all these things without feeling guilty about it.

As I stated before a budget is your blueprint for financial freedom.  Using it properly will guide your spending so that you will never be caught off guard when unexpected expenses occur.  You’ll be well prepared because you will have a plan set in place for every area of your budget. Once you’ve drawn your blueprint, you can get started on working on every area of your “house”. And like a house, roofs leak, someone gets sick, and the air goes out.  Having a successful blueprint or solid foundation will help you navigate renovate when needed.


Even if I haven’t convinced you to start a budget, I hope I’ve sparked your interest.  Over the next 8 weeks, I will be sharing my tips on how to track your income, spending, building your budget, maintaining your budget, and more. 

Stay Tuned Next week when we discuss “How to Track Your Income” and your first FREE printable.


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