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What do you do when you want a way to meet new people, have a creative outlet, and relieve stress?  Yep you guessed it, get a hobby.  If you don’t have a regular activity outside of work that you enjoy it could be hard to decide what hobby you should choose.

A hobby is anything that you do for fun.  Sometimes you can even turn into a side hustle which we will discuss in another post.  But simply put, a hobby is something that you enjoy doing during your free time.  You use that time to wind down to connect with yourself and other people. Many people spend their time watching television or just surfing the net which is not entirely wrong but it’s so boring and cliché.

Hobbies are important because they provide a connection with the outside world.  Our ever day lives can be boring and lonesome but hobbies provides us with a creative outlet that allows us to distress, relax, and learn.  It’s also a great way to build new relationships.  I hate it when people say they are loners.  What that tells me is they have an issue connecting not because they want to be alone.  Getting a hobby such as basketball is a great way to connect with a group to start lasting.  Because this can be such a daunting task, I’ve come up with a few ways to help you along.

My first piece of advice would be to look into your past?  I mean go way back to your childhood.  What did you like to do as child?  Pretty much anything you’ve done in the past can be turned into a hobby as an adult.  I love books.  I no longer read Judy Bloom or The Berenstain Bears but I do love good John Grisham novel.  Did you like dolls growing up?  If you still do but don’t want to play dress up, you can become an antique doll collector.  Did you like collecting things as a child?  Become an antique collector.  That doesn’t mean to go and fill up your house with junk but you can search for useful antique items and maybe even eventually become a dealer.  Did you climb trees as a child?  Try your hand at rock or wall climbing.  Love Geography in school?  Become a traveler?  Don’t forget other things such as riding our bike and skating.  Now are you staring to catch on?

If that doesn’t work then I would go window shopping to see what grabs your attention.  Head to any store that would help you search such as a music store or craft store.  I would also head to a book store and browse around to see what captures your attention.  Are you interested in stamp collecting? Scan some books that would help you determine if it would be worth the investment.  If you don’t want to purchase a book head to my favorite place…..the LIBRARY.  The resources here are free. If you library is anything like mine, you can sign up for different classes that will help you decide what hobby you should choose.

Next find something that will make you forget about your day.  Now this isn’t something that you can do every day but it should happen at least twice a month.  If exercising in your thing running could be that perfect activity. Running alone gives you time to release stress and shed pounds which is a double win.   Think of something that makes you forget about the cares of life for the day.  Reading does this for me.  I feel like I escape to another world when I curl up with a good book BUT it must be a REAL BOOK.

Lastly start small.  Studies show it takes 21 days to start a new habit.  If you’re adding something new, take your time and stay away from trying to read a 400 page book but start off with 150 pages.  If  book is so juicy that I can’t but it down, I can finish it in a day but that came over time.  Set aside a half hour a week or day if you can spare it and begin exploring your new hobbies.  If you want to learn to sew, take classes for a few months before you buy a sewing machine to make sure it’s something you will stick with.  What’s the point of buying the granddaddy of sewing machines and then realize 31 days later you hate and can’t get a refund?  The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the search a you find a new hobby.

How to Find a New Hobby was first seen on Hobbies and Cents.