Traveling has always been a passion of mine. Seeing the places I’ve read about is so amazing to me.  And while many people enjoy relaxing and taking it easy on the beach or by the pool, I prefer exploring every nook and cranny of the city.  I always take a few days off after I get back to rest.  I mean what’s the point of paying all that money only to stay cooped up in the room or resort all day? How much water, palm trees, and beaches can you see? I live in Florida so I’ve seen them enough. And that’s why I love city vacations. Museums. Fun. Life. Food. Enough said.


My husband could care less.  He just wants to chill.  How on earth were we ever going to agree on a honeymoon? My dream honeymoon was to stay in the mountains. Aspen was my place of choice but he quickly said he wasn’t going to a place with a temperature that low.  He’s from Miami by way of Haiti so I had to be smart about the next place I presented to him.  He wanted a cruise but I was adamant we weren’t cruising.  I wanted neighbors but not with attached walls. Then I found Helen, Georgia. It reminded me of cities I visited as child living in Germany.


I convinced my husband to go to  Helen due to its distance from Tampa and its climate. It would be cool but nothing like Denver. After he agreed I began the hunt for a reasonably priced yet romantic cabin. Although we wanted a cabin, we did not want to rough it. We wanted something comfortable, luxurious and romantic. It needed a full kitchen, cable, wifi, and most importantly, a Jacuzzi.  I scoured the internet looking for the best deal I could find. While I did find reasonably priced places, I booked the most beautiful one bedroom cabin fully loaded through AirBnB for $416.00 total!!!        the-bear-affair-collage

Instead of leaving for our honeymoon on Sunday, we decided to leave on Monday. That gave us time to pick up the car and pack on Sunday and do some last minute shopping. That was the best decision we made because we were able to find a killer deal. I found a deal at Hertz for $147 for the week tax included! The cash we got at the wedding was more than enough to cover the gas for the trip and then some. We purchased snacks for the road and I packed a picnic for us to stop and eat on the way.


Helen began as a mining town when gold was discovered in 1828. Years after the gold rush ended, the struggling town decided to remake the entire city into a Bavarian village. Nestled near the banks of the Chattahoochee River, Helen has become a go to destination for over a million visitors per year. Full of German charm, Helen has, quaint shops, delicious German restaurants, and candy shops, all surrounded by gorgeous mountains. I felt like I stepped onto the set of Heidi. We were staying close to a few cities so I ordered travel guides to plan the activities in the surrounding cities we would visit, mainly Dahlonega and Atlanta. We also planned a day to go see waterfalls (free), had a picnic in the mountains, (free), and relax a bit.

I knew we wouldn’t be cooking all our meals but we wanted to lounge around in the mornings and not worry about missing breakfast so we decided to buy food and snacks for the cabins for the morning and for late night munchies. The cabin had a grill so we made steaks and had a romantic night outside under the stars and with our Jacuzzi. We spent $100 for the week for food for the cabin.



One of them famous attractions in Helen is Anna Ruby Falls. This gorgeous waterfall is a must see for any traveler. We packed a picnic and hiked a trail in Unicoi State Park and got to see this beauty. It was amazing and most importantly it was free for us. Of course, we explored the shops and ate tons of candy. We even met the man from a family who started planting Vidalia onions!

We also drove to Atlanta for the day. While in Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium was running a special for $30.95 so we jumped on it. We ate at Gladys Knight and Ron Winans Chicken and Waffles. We also visited the normal free sites such as the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. We went digging for gold in Dahlonega and had lunch at The Smith House which has some of the best food I’ve ever eaten.


Our honeymoon was a great adventure and relaxing all at the same time.  Although we were very conscious of our budget, we didn’t let that stop us from buying or doing things we wanted to do. We made sure that our accommodations and rental car were reasonably priced so that we could enjoy some luxuries while on the trip. Don’t forget making memories is the most important thing!


Finding a Little Taste of Germany in the Georgia Mounts for under $1000 was first see on Hobbies and Cents.