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I love curling up with a real book, a cup of tea, and a blanket, but right now I just don’t have the space or money to keep buying books right now.   So I have to put my dream of having a home library and force myself to read e-books or check them out from the library.  But if you aren’t like me and need the feel of a real book in your hands, I’ve got a treat for you.  There are a variety sites that offers free e-books from the classics, romance, and more.  Check them out  below.

Google Books – If you love classic books then this a great place to find them.  All the books come in a PDF format to be downloaded to your computer and transferred to an e-book reader.

ManyBooks.net offers a great variety of books in all genres.  The best part is it’s free.  Books are easy to find.   This is a readers play ground.  Search for over 10,000 books by title, author, or genre, subject, most popular, and more. There’s even a cool feature that allows you to search titles by language.  Read through recommendations and reviews to pick the topic that right for you. It also provides directions to transfer your books to your readers.

Project Gutenberg – The first site to offer free e-books online, Project Gutenberg is one of the largest sites on the internet.  The books can be downloaded to your computer or reader as well and they have over 20,000 books available. Most books are released in English but other languages are available.  Search by the author’s name, title, subject, or language.  See what other people are ready by checking out the top 100 list.

Book Glutton – If you’re like me and have a hard time finding people in your circle to discuss what they’re reading, then this site is for you.  The site offers class books that you can annotate and share with a reading partner.

Chest of Books – I’ve recently become addicted to non-fiction which is why I’m so glad I found this site.  This site houses a variety of topics for your enjoyment.

Page By Page Books – This site offers a great selection of classic books to read online.  You can bookmark your page at anytime.

Online Books Page –This site is nothing short of amazing!!!!! This site offers over 800,000 books!!!! Sort by genre, title, or author and read until you can’t read anymore!

Bibliomania – With more than 1,000 poems, short stories, and classic books, this site also provides interviews. Books summaries, notes, and more.

Read Print -One of the best resources for free online books in my opinion.  New books are added on a regular basis and very easy to find.  They have a great online library that has thousands books to offer you.  Classics, science fiction, and Shakespeare just to name a few.  Register to obtain a virtual library card for a variety books that include science fiction, the classics, and more.  You can  also search by essays, fiction nonfiction, etc. You can do all this in alphabetical order.   You also have the ability to track what you’ve read, discover new books, and join online books clubs.

Authorma – This site has a great selection of books and come in a easy to read format.  Most books are written in English but there are also German language options are well.  Organized in alphabetical order, Aurhorama offers a variety of current and classic authors.  Sort alphabetically or by latest additions and start reading.

Do you have any free sits you’d like to recommend?

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