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This was by far the hardest holiday season I’ve ever had to endure.  My mother suddenly passed away.  Although she had been sick for a little over 10 years, it still came as a shock to our family.  She was the glue for us.  She was a hard worker, always giving of herself instead of taking care of herself.  She loved us unconditionally.  She was the one who made arrangements for the families who lost a loved one, now we were on the other end.

I found out at work and literally fell to my knees.  What were we going to do without her spunk and no-nonsense ways?  Who was going to take care of my dad?  I was so lost.  After the shock wore off, I finally started to think about life without my mom.  How would I continue to make her proud?

Poor health runs on my mother’s side of the family.  High blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, stroke, etc all runs rampant through her family. Most of her health issues were preventable but unfortunately, it was too late to reverse it.  How would I be different?

This year I decided I wanted to be more intentional with the way that I live my life. But her passing made me truly realize how important it was to change the way I live in every way.  I never heard her complain about her situation. Even while she was sick she was more concerned with our well-being than her own. Everyone who spoke of her said she was a great woman who was dependable and loving in every way. I am proud to be her daughter and I wanted to continue to make her proud.

I decided to order a vision planner by Bloom Daily Planners and created a goal list for 2017. Setting small obtainable monthly goals will help me meet my long-term goals for the year.  I want better health, clear blogging goals, and marriage goals. Check out how I plan to meet my goals for 2017.  I will break them down monthly at the end of every month to see how I measure up each month until December.


Personal Goals:

  • A 21 Day Clean eating challenge every quarter. My first 21 day clean eating challenge is 1/9 – 1/29
  • Workout at least 4 times per week using free videos from HasFit.
  • Start a reading challenge ( there are tons on challenges on-line)
  • Treat myself to a budget friendly pamper me day at least one per month.
  • Pray everyday
  • Read the bible in one year.
  • Journal every day
  • Plan out my weekly and monthly goals

Marriage Goals:

  • Date my husband weekly
  • Read at least one book on marriage per month
  • Send flirty text message to my husband daily
  • Take one week-long vacation (we’re cruising this year)
  • Take a weekend getaway (Savanna and Panama City are on my wish list this year)


Blogging Goals:

  • Post at least 2 times per week
  • Increase email subscribers too at least 500 by June 2017 (still trying to come up with a plan)
  • Grow my Instagram and Twitter following to at least 500 by June 2017
  • Take at least one blogging class (I’m currently enrolled taking Building a Framework which is awesome)
  • Attend at least one blogging conference (I purchased my #BlogHer17 conference tickets!)
  • Guest post by July of this year


Financial Goals:

  • Have monthly budget meetings with the hubby
  • Fully funded emergency fund by June 2017
  • Open a vacation account by 1/16
  • Save $350 for my the #BlogHer17 conference in Orlando
  • Read at least 1 financial book every quarter (I find monthly money books are too much personally)


What are your goals and plans for 2017?



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