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Ready to Up-level your customer service?

I help course creators and membership site owners streamline their customer service process to retain more students and increase their revenue.

Managing back-end tasks of businesses is my jam. I love working with creatives who have a true passion of seeing other people reach their potential to live their best life.  Keep scrolling if you’re ready to allow me to take over the tasks that are keeping you from serving more students and increasing your profits.. 

Client Management

This is great for coaches who want to give your clients the best gift possible by allowing me to take over the back-end tasks of your business so that you can focus on your zone of genius to grow your business.

Investment starts at $450

  • What’s Included:
  • Client onboarding
  • Client off-boarding
  • Calendar Management
  • Send Google Voice texts messages to new students
  • Send handwritten cards to new students
  • Call and conduct new student welcome calls
  • Billing Assistance
Add On’s:
  • File Management and Organization
  • Inbox Cleanup/Set Up
*Includes bi-weekly check-in calls as needed

*Email/Voxer messaging support


Superior Customer Support

Great for course creators and online membership site owners who do all the things! Remembering to answer private messages, collect customer feedback, audits, sending creating reports and not to mention regular engagement, can be overwhelming and time-consuming. I'd love to help structure your business with the support you need to remain connected with authentic engagement that not only supports you but your community as a whole.

Investment starts at $300

What’s included:

  • Monitor customer inquiries
  • Answer support tickets
  • Collect customer feedback
  • Conduct routine audits
  • Issue refunds
  • Send birthday, notes, milestone course email 
  • Create personal welcome videos
  • Collect testimonials
  • Send bi-weekly reports
  • Migrate to HelpScout
*Includes bi-weekly check-in calls as needed
*Includes email/Voxer messaging support

Email Management

Great for coaches who host group coaching programs and courses and membership site owners who need help managing all things inbox.

Investment starts at $400

What’s included:

  • Migrate to Help Scout
  • Manage core email box
  • Address all senders question and concerns
  • Respond efficiently to important email messages
  • Reach inbox zero within 24 hours
*Includes bi-weekly check-in calls as needed
*Includes email/Voxer messaging support
*Initial Inbox cleanup not included

How Does It Work?

Review Business Goals

Before you decide on a package, review your business goals. Ask yourself a few questions.  What tasks or process will strategically help grow your business?

2. Choose Your Package

Once you’ve reviewed your business goals, decide on the package that fits your needs now. 

3. Schedule Discovery Time

Once you’ve reviewed your goals, chosen your package, its now time to schedule a call to book your services. 

I'd love to have you!

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